Saturday, January 29, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

31 Weeks

Some pictures from our weekend.

Gavin during lunch at the assembly.

A family picture.

Ben and Tonya(Gavin took this one)

31 week baby bump.

Gavin, me(31wks), Michala(22wks) and Sophia

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Canvas & Cocktails Again!

Just over a month ago we went to Canvas and Cocktails for the second time. We had a great time painting our version of starry night by Vincent van Gogh. After we went out to Rock Bottom for appetizers and dessert.

Friday, January 7, 2011

30 Weeks & New Haricut

A few new baby bump pictures and I got my haircut. I got some red high-lites and more layers with bangs. Haven't been sleeping to well and am out of breathe most of the day. Other than that feel great. Working on getting the babies room cleaned out this coming week and then I need to figure out what we are doing in there. Gavin's latest name for the baby is 'Cheddar France'. It was France yesterday and today he changed it to Cheddar France.
It was a beautiful day outside today, so Gavin got to get out and play for a while. But there is snow in the forecast for Saturday night and Sunday.

365 Days 1-7

I'm trying the 365 Project this year. Hopefully I can stick with it.

1-1st snow of the year and the winter. We have had a few flurries before this, but this is the 1st snow that's amounted to anything.

2-Lentil soup for dinner.

3-Blueberry and banana smoothie for a snack.

4-Laundry to be washed.

5-Gavin's dinner. Chicken slovakia, rice, olives and caesar dressing on the side.

6-Play-doh burger and chips and a pickle. I think it fell off the plate shortly after this picture.

7-Gavin playing soccer outside with Clint.