Friday, July 29, 2011

Growing Boy 4 Months

You are getting pretty chubby and weigh about 16lbs. You have so many different facial expressions and they change in seconds.Your new favorite thing to do is stick your tongue out, usually right after you smile. If we aren't paying attention to you, you stick it out and wait for us to look at you and you can tell you are smiling behind that tongue. You prefer being naked. You are getting much stronger and closer to sitting up all on your own. You like to stand a lot still while we hold you and only spend a few minutes in you johnny jump up or Little Einsteins standing toy. When we put you in the Bumbo now we have to stay very close because you will arch your back to get out and try to stand. You aren't screaming as much as you were, instead just talking more to us. You prefer to watch what your brother is doing over any of us. You like it when he is being silly or even playing rough with you. When your brother isn't happy you aren't happy, if he cries you do too. You also like putting your feet in the water at water world and love the shower. I haven't put you all the way in the water at water world because it is pretty cold. You are still a pretty cuddly boy when you are tired :) You like to chew in your finger, either your thumb, a couple fingers, fist or all of them.

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