Saturday, August 29, 2009

Renaissance Festival

Last month we ventured down to the Renaissance Festival with Mike, Michala and Sophia. We had a lot of fun. Clint loved it.

The Entrance to the festival

Gavin and his eye patch...argggh

Trying out the slide, when reaching the bottom you dropped 2 ft to the ground

Butterfly ride

The largest rocking horse I've ever seen. The kids loved it and wanted to ride again. Me and Michala felt motion sick.

Watching the Jousting event.

Gavin enjoying fish and chips.

For weeks Gavin wanted to go back to see the horses and everything else at the Festival.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Orchard Water Area

After walking around the shops at Orchard last month Gavin wanted to play in the water. He enjoyed it so much we returned the following day with friends.

Apple play area with Jack

Gavin loves to say cheese, but always looks away while saying it so I rarely get a good picture.

Kaitlyn and Gavin riding the train after playing in the water.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

At Water World

photo credit Gavin

Photo Shoot

So we attempted to get Gavin's picture done today at Portrait Innovations. The last time he had professional photos taken was at 14 months. They did great trying to get him to smile and entertain him, but he definitely gave them a run for their money. He was all over the place... running, break dancing, wanted to have nothing to do with the camera. Here are some of the ones I didn't order. We did get a few good ones though.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Flowers Around the House

Flowers Around the House

Zoo Visit #1

Our 1st trip to the zoo this year was in May with Nana and Grandma.

Watching the giraffes

Gavin thought the peacock was going to get him


Carousel Ride

Playing the Bongos

Gavin's taller than the penguins




Drinking his Starbucks treat afterwards

Walk to the Park

We enjoy walking to the park, but haven't gone as much this summer because it's either really hot or raining. When we went a couple weeks ago, we stopped to smell the flowers, collect rocks and watch for birds through the binoculars.