Monday, July 13, 2009


Up until about 2 weeks ago it has rained every afternoon for over a month. I caught this double rainbow last Saturday and had caught one a few days before, but it was very faded. Both times you could see the full rainbow, but by the time I got my camera a cloud would move in front of it.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Good Mail from Auntie Tessa

Gavin received a package a while back from Auntie Tessa with lots of goodies in it.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

So I may actually have a green thumb :)

The garden has had some spinach ready for a while, i just wasn't ready to eat it because I wanted it for salad and haven't had anything else to put with it. Finally last night Gavin helped me pick and wash spinach and lettuce. And we had salad. It was delicious and there is plenty more left. So I think each night we will be having salad with dinner.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


When my parents were here in May we started the garden. Actually my dad started most of it, i just tried to help where I could. Some of the plants I started from seed indoors didn't make it and had to be replanted. Here are some pictures of the garden a month ago and then some from today. Wish I'd taken them from the same angle, but was in a hurry tonight.
2 Squash plants as of today

Lettuce & Spinach as of today... just picked some. I think the spinach has been ready for a while.

Tomato a month ago and today.

Roma tomatoes a month ago and today. There were three tomatoes on it when planted and they've at least doubled in size

Birdhouse Gourd Gavin planted from seed a month ago and today.

Cherry Tomato plant a month ago and today with lots of blooms.

Tomato plant a month ago and today with 2 tomatoes and blooms.

My whole garden... we've added some mulch around the border, I still need to fix the stepping stones and put some mulch in between them. Notice all the wild pumpkin plants throughout the garden that came up. I've pulled at least 20-30 already. I've pulled most of the weeds. Most of the green you see is grass clippings from mowing the grass yesterday, we still need to get a bagger.

Sprinkler Fun!

Gavin playing outback in the sprinkler. Notice no patio, mulch or fence. I will post finished back yard photos soon.

$1.50 Well Spent

I bought all these tractors at a yardsale for $1.50 I think i bought at least 10. Gavin loves them. He lined them all up, which he seems to do with all his toys. He's been playing with them in his sandbox almost everyday.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Friends

Gavin made a new friend recently. They are just a couple months apart and get along great and love to play together. We usually get together once or twice a week for story time and a play date.

They made a new use for the grocery cart.

Funnel Cloud

Here is a picture of one of the many funnel clouds I saw last month. On this particular day, quite a few touched down. We got some strong wind and hail and were under a tornado warning for a few hours.

In the Garden

Gavin loves to water the grass and the plants in the garden. He concentrates on watering each plant.

Monday, July 6, 2009


A few pictures from Friday of the District Convention in Loveland, CO. It was beautiful outside so we spent our lunch break on the lawn. Gavin took a great nap after letting all his energy out outside.

Sophia & gavin

Golden Gate

A couple weeks ago on a Sunday we were planning on doing a little wine tasting at Total Beverage and then heading up to the mountains for the afternoon. So we get to the wine tasting and try about 2-3 wines and it starts pouring rain and then hailing and we are outside under tents. Not much protection. After talking to a couple friends that were planning on going to the mountains with us, we find out that there were also tornado warnings and we were just outside standing in a tent oblivious to it.

It rained for about 30-45 minutes. We decided to try going up to the mountains even though the skies were still dark and cloudy, except for one little little spot towards the mountains. So Clint Gavin, Kara, Simon and I, followed by Ben and Tonya start driving up. I get a text from Tonya saying doesn't it look pretty bad up there. I call her and let her know we still want to go up if nothing else for the drive. And we keep seeing this tiny clear spot in the sky, and Ben even says that's maybe there's were we are going. So we drive and get up into the mountains and the skies are as clear as can be, it hadn't even rained up in Golden Gate Canyon. We were so glad we went despite the awful storms and rain we had seen. We had an awesome time playing Frisbee golf, cards, talking around the fire, making s'mores and just hanging out.

It's late so hopefully that made some sense.

Gavin and Ben kept playing a game where they would rub their hands together and pull them from the fire and yell that's hot.

Relaxing in his star wars chair after an Oreo

Looking for the Frisbee.

I was trying to get Gavin to let me take some pictures, he wouldn't corporate.

Simon and Kara