Sunday, September 28, 2008

Omi & Papa's Visit

At Panorama Point in Golden Gate State Park

The trees are changing color in the mountains.

Gavin watching Thomas the Train video while on the bus to the Railroad Museum.

Gavin playing outside with Papa.

Playing outside during lunch at our assembly in Golden.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Good Mail

Gavin has received lots of fun mail in the past month.

From Aunt Christy & Abigail
Recorder, Thomas the Train push toy, huge super ball, football, dinosaur, Beanie Baby Dog

From Nana
3 Boxes full of lots of Daddy's old books, dinosaurs, Tyco bear & blocks, Little People, cars & trucks, baseball glove, clothes

From Omi & Papa
Little People school bus, life vest, school house, baseball glove, clothes and shoes (some that oma and opa had bought and a few things we left from our last visit)

From Nana
Lincoln Logs, books and toys that were daddy's

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tennessee Trip

Lots and lots of pictures from our trip in early August.
Swimming, Wave Country, Apple Picking, Hanging out and having fun!
We got to see my Aunt Patty, Uncle Mark and cousins Raechel and Nathan. They just got back to the states from Germany. Also got to spend some time with Kelly and her family, they came to TN for the weekend.

Gavin & Uncle Micah and Aunt Nikki's dog Oscar

Omi & Gavin watching TV and eating a sucker.

Gavin, Uncle Micah & Aunt Nikki

Gavin & Thomas

Gavin looking all cute

Gavin in the toy box.

Gavin playing with Aunt Anita

Aunt Patty, Raechel & Gavin

Thomas & Gavin playing with the Little People school bus.

Oscar and Gavin

Thomas and Gavin playing with Yoda

Uncle Micah, Aunt Tessa and Gavin


Aunt Tessa and Gavin at Wave Country

Gavin and Owen


Picking apples at Oma & Opa's

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just Jam!

The last couple weeks I've made lots of jam. Started with peach. Tonya brought me back about 2 boxes of peaches from Palisade. So I made jam and peach/mango salsa and froze some for pies and smoothies. Then I got some free plums... so I tried jelly with them and froze the rest. Next we picked some raspberries and strawberries and made some jam with them. Also bought a box of corn that I split with Deb and we froze that. So we've been busy stocking up for winter.

Here is Gavin helping wash the fruit. 1st I showed him how to wash the plums and then he saw the peaches on the counter next to him and decided they needed to be washed too.

Now I have another box of peaches.... not sure what I'm going to do with them?? I may make a Peach Cobbler this week. Any other ideas?

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Gavin going night-night with Gunner & Tanner

Gavin playing Hide & Seek with Kenzie, Kayla & Shelby

Abigail & Christy's Visit

Abigail and Christy came to visit for a few days.
At the Park

Breakfast at Sherry and playing tag in the back yard.

Playing in Gavin's room

Strawberry and Raspberry Picking