Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wine Making

Bedtime Conversation

Gavin: Let's talk about a Bear Elephant
Mommy: what does it look like.
Gavin: It has spots....and stripes...........and letters and stars.
Mommy: What color is it?
Gavin: Hmmm let me see....let me's green.
Mommy: It's green. Does it have a trunk.
Gavin: Maybe yes.
Mommy: Does it have tusks?
Gavin: hmmm maybe not.
Mommy: Does it have elephant ears or bear ears.
Gavin: It has little ears.
Mommy: Does it have arms?
Gavin: Maybe not.
Mommy: Does it have legs?
Gavin: It has feet.
Mommy: What color is it now?
Gavin: Now it's black.
Mommy: What sound does it make?
Gavin: arrrgrgrgraaaah

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Build-A-Bear & New Bed

Today we took Gavin to Build-A-Bear for the 1st time. He picked out a brown dog.

He got to choose a sound for it, he chose the barking dog and then got to put a heart in him. He thought it need a few hearts.
Then we stuffed him.
After stuffing Gavin washed and brushed him.

Then he picked out an outfit and dressed him. His two favorites were an Avalanche Hockey Jersey and Darth Vader.

Next he picked a name and made a birth certificate for his new friend Joey!

Gavin & Joey
Gavin carrying Joey in his house.
Gavin and Joey riding the train at Wal-Mart.
Today Gavin also got a 'Big Boy Bed'. We found the sleigh bed at Costco. He loves it and went right to sleep and slept all night :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Read This!

I will be changing my blog so only invited readers may view it. Please let me know you email so I may add you if you've been reading the blog regularly.