Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hanging Out at Home

It's only 33ยบ today, really dreary looking outside. So we are staying in today. Cleaning, playing, watching movies, enjoying hot tea(teeth, as Gavin calls it) and Hot Cocoa(Hot Choo-Choo). Maybe I will find my camera as I'm cleaning and organizing. Might do some baking too, maybe pumpkin bread or scones and muffins. Oh better go, looks like Gavin fell asleep in the high chair watching them build a house across the street.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gavin's Room

When it gets really quiet and I can't find Gavin I usually find him like this.

Here is his room, which we rearranged a little while back.

Our Space

A few pictures of what we've finished painting. They aren't very good because they were taken at night and were picking up dust, hence what looks like bubbles. As I finish painting the rest of our home - our bathroom, the spare bath and the hallway... I will take more pictures.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


So I've misplaced my camera. It's driving me crazy. I didn't get to take pictures at the Bridal Shower I went to on Saturday. And I want to take some of Gavin's new haircut...(he was starting to look like a hippie) and my new hair color. I tried to go back to my natural color, but it looks really dark. So as soon as I find my camera I will take a picture to see what you think. Other than that we re-watched Casino Royale Saturday so we would be ready to watch the new Bond hopefully sometime this week.

Here are some pictures from the Octoberfest we had last month... not sure why half the guys are dressed as Vikings or why i'm wearing all the hats. We had a good time tho. We bowled with pumpkins and ate German food and drank German beer.... and some of us played Mario 3 on original Nintendo.