Friday, May 30, 2008

Finally Summer

This past Monday was 40º outside, not a very warm start for Summer. Then Wednesday it decided to warm up outside to about 75º. So I figured it was time to plant some vegetables and buy some flowers. We got these flowers as housewarming gift.

I planted 4 tomato plants, cilantro, basil, lavender and bought this hanging pot of flowers. I also bought some cucumber plants that I need to plant. I think I will buy and plant some peppers and more herbs when I get some more time. There's nothing like fresh veggies for salad in the summer.

Our Closest Neighbor

One day a couple weeks ago Gavin and I were playing in the front yard and the fox across the street came out of his den. He let me walk right up to him. I was close enough to touch him. We've seen them come out at night right around dusk, but never during the day like this.

New House!

So I guess I haven't blogged in a long time. I went to TN for a week at the end of March. Then we got back and had put an offer on a house that we thought there was no way they would accept, since a month earlier someone put the same offer on it. Well they accepted it. So we close on April 29th. Painted for a week and a half and moved in on May 10th. We are still unpacking and need to finish painting our Master retreat and bathroom and need paint the entry way and other two bathrooms. We put some curtains and blinds up, but still need to buy more. I will post inside pictures soon.
We had a quick housewarming on Monday, after being gone for 4 days at a convention in the Springs. It was really nice to have all our friends over. We had Mexican and played cards and games.